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The brand ovetto sport?


OVETTO SPORT: Design, innovation and quality OVETTO SPORT is a well-established brand in the world's largest fitness market, EUROPE. It is appreciated for the design, innovation and quality of its products as evidenced by its market share increases. A large number of designers and product managers are developing innovative and attractive devices to train at home and continuously monitor their quality according to the most stringent criteria in the field.


The products of the OVETTO SPORT brand are manufactured by Cavalli Sport Health Tech. in factories certified ISO 9001. Founded in 1997, cavalli sport Health Tech. has a wealth of experience in the design, production and marketing of fitness products. Cavalli Sport Health Tech products. are sold successfully in more than 10 countries. Our ambition is to be the best company in the world to help people improve their health.

Cavalli Sport Health Tech (S.A.R.L.) is a subsidiary of the manufacturer and is responsible for the distribution of products, according to ISO 9001, in Italy, in the Czech Republic and in Eastern Europe. Our company has its own product managers whose mission is to design for Europe special lines perfectly adapted to the requirements of the "old continent", and particularly to the countries of diffusion, in order to satisfy the needs of our customers.

Our experienced fitness team and management provide qualified support to your reseller and are at your disposal to answer any questions you may have regarding our services and the comprehensive warranties we offer. Through our constant innovation policy, our original products are synonymous with quality and progress.